It shows right but with wrong message came out


It prints really well on screen, but the message shows"Oops, try again. Did you remember to set your first to the color #CDBE70?"

	<div><a href="">baidu</a></div>
	<div><a href=""> douban</a></div>
	<div><a href=""> weibo</a></div>	

div:first-child a{
div:nth-child(3) a{


you need a:first-child, the exercise sort of assumes you put the links directly inside body.

I understand your logic, but the exercise doesn't like it


Thanks. I tried a:first-child, the message shows right, but on screen, it seems to be wrong. :slight_smile:


yea, because you can't have both. like i explained, the exercise doesn't expect you to use divs. Just pass it, you know how to make the output right


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