It seems impossible to introduce the | symbol, Exercise 6/13

Hi all, I’m using MacOS, and it seems impossible to introduce the | simbol. I have the virtual character open, but I don’t get it in the exercise board.

I just have to write:

cat volcanoes.txt | wc

albions wrote a post about this:

I hope you will find it very useful

none of these methodes work for me. The problem is then that I can´t continue the course.

And you tried all methods? I find this really hard to believe. You tried the american keyboard layout? I use this, and it always works

I wish I could. I’ll try to change computer. There should be something prepared for these cases.

weird, i can’t reply. Try a different computer, it should work just fine. Did you try the american keyboard layout?

      Hi all,

I was using a very old black macbook (2007). Solved:) by copied and paste.
I think the problem is that it can’t be actualitzated to the new operating sistems. I tried with safari and firefox.