It Says That I am Using 20px instead of 20px!

 <!DOCTYPE html>




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     <!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Putting it all together</title>
		<p style= "font family: Arial; font-size:20px;color:blue";>


right, a few problems. list elements (</li>) should always have a unordered list or ordered list as a parent, which is not the case, so remove your list tag. Now, when using the style attribute it should be add to the opening tag, which means you have one opening and closing tag:

<p style="">hello</p>

now, you somehow created an additional opening tag: (in case it isn't clear, the code below is wrong):

<p style=""><p>hello</p>

now, the style attribute ends at the second quotation mark (') so the semi-colon after color: blue should be before the quotation mark