It makes absolutely ZERO sense to me what the [EDIT]


So far we've learned about three data types:

strings (e.g. "dogs go woof!")
numbers (e.g. 4, 10)
booleans (e.g. false, 5 > 4)
Now let's learn more about comparison operators.

List of comparison operators:

Greater than
< Less than
<= Less than or equal to
= Greater than or equal to
=== Equal to
!== Not equal to

Try to use each of the operators above.

Choose the correct comparison operator to make each of the four statements print out true.

I'm pissed that im so dumb that I have to post here for help.... It just makes absolutely zero sense to me I dont understand anything what the ■■■■.

what the ■■■■ am I supposed to do?

Edit: Never mind, I fixed it after watching a youtube video, I did as I should have just made a typo which made me extremely confused and dissappointed in myself ^^


Don't feel bad man, typo's happen to everyone XD


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