It looks like you didn’t set your div’s opacity to one


I'm getting the same issue with this lesson as well. I have my code 100% right, checked, double checked.....even quintuple checked. I tried changing $('div').fadeTo('fast',1); to $('this').fadeTo('fast',1); I'm still getting no results, I've also tried using floats, also a big whopping fail. I'm using chrome browser, no code restrictions or anything. Ridiculousness. I'm altering the CSS just to squeeze around this until they fix the problem.

It looks like you didn't set your div's opacity to one

Full code and lesson URL please


Having the same issue! How are you working around?



Please provide us with more information so we can help you!


I ran into this same problem, but a careful look at the how the parenthesis are structured in these function calls cleared this up. Check how the parentheses are laid out in the example and then check to make sure you aren't putting in an extra parentheses, or putting them in the wrong place.


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