It keeps telling me to close my title tags


</body> <h1> <p> im a girl obviously and I go to Yosemite High School and im a jounior. I like to read and sometimes I draw the things I see. like the mountains or flowers are what ever else I want. </h1> </p>
<h1> I have to clean all 3 bathrooms in the house. And I have wash ansd dry and fold and put away the clothes and if my sibling help it goes by faster but they don't like to so i usally have to go ask an older person to ask them to help me because we are all suposed to do it. Its the same with the dishes we all have to do it but they dont inless someone makes them.</h1>
<h1> My dog Marryjain just had a litter of six 4 of them or black and white. and the other 2 or plain white. there are 2 boys and 4 are girls.</h1>

I don't understand were to put them at


Is this your full code? Which exercise is this. normally, headings (h1) and paragraph aren't nested inside each other, a paragraph is either before or after a heading


Im on Build your own Website lesson 4 and yes this is my full code


Well, i recommend to go back to every house needs a frame, because your frame is gone. If you are struggling with that as well, you can always go here and re-read the instructions of the first 5 exercises. And still, don't nest headers inside paragraphs, you have only one paragraph, you need 3 paragraphs.