It is annoying that the application keeps hanging! See screenshot:

Don’t get me wrong, I like the way codecademy teaches us, and that there is a lot of free stuff to get my feet wet.

But what annoys me is that it happens quite often that the app hangs.
This time it was in (Admin role II : 6/7)

I hope the screenshot comes through; I try uploading it, but that also seems to hang!

The moderator did not want the issue to be revived, since it was ‘solved’, according to him.
Well, I do not think that it’s solved when the ‘cure’ is reboot / reload / refresh a page a thousand times!

Unfortunately, this is what I experience! I tried different browsers, cleaning the cache with Ccleaner, everything I could think of. Please react if you are having the same issue’s!

Thanks! Ad.

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Hi Ad,

Thanks for opening a new topic!

There have been a large number of people taking courses recently, and I’ve heard of issues like this across several courses. Does the interface ever begin to load without you doing anything (it’s probably an issue with Codecademy), or has it just stopped loading entirely (it’s probably an issue with your computer)?

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