It has got me stuck can anyone help


"""Assign the string "Ping!" to
the variable the_machine_goes on
line 5, then print it out on line 6!"""


@cssace11473 take a look at this post perhaps it can help you with what you are looking for
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Hey man,

You need to tell the computer first what the phrase "the_machine_goes" means:
in this case it would be

the_machine_goes = "Ping!"

you'll know you did this correct because it will turn yellow.

next, on line 6 you need to tell it to print that:

print the_machine_goes


Thank you so much! I got stuc there,
tryed :
print "the_machine_goes"
print "Ping!"
Print ... etcc!!! That was :rage:
But now I get my bad!
Thanks!!! :smiley: