It feels like this this lesson isn't making any sense


I'm only 15 lessons into the introduction, but it feels like the whole thing isn't REALLY teaching anything so far. Like all the information it's given me is entirely random, and not explained very well. Giving me enough information to complete each task, but not enough where I feel like i'm actually learning anything..
Does it all start coming together later on? Because right now it feels more like a grade school game of "mother may I."


This is not a curriculum course, but an introduction. It may seem random but when it comes to basics, order is not very intuitive.

We learn the alphabet before we learn to print, and learn to print before we learn cursive. We learn vocabulary and sentence grammar before we learn to write a paragraph. Even times and divide are not introduced until after plus and minus.

Bear in mind that this site has largely tilted toward self-learning. We get introduced to a basic concept or keyword and syntax and then it is up to the learner to follow up with more reading, study and practice. It's when we challenge ourselves that the real learning takes place.


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