IT Course to choose, what's best for banking area?

Hi All,
my name is Olya :raised_hand:and I am writing to you with a request to help me find the most suitable IT courses that might fit my experience, knowledge and further career prospects.
I am engaged into banking career now and work as analyst in Treasury operations. I am happy with my job and by no means, want to quit it, change it or resign from this career path.

I just review opportunities for me for future to work remotely and mostly from home, but I see that financial sector is not full of such options either…What kind of courses would you be able to advise for me taking into account my banking experience and knowledge?

Would appreciate your suggestions and advice!

You could try Data Science Path. You’ll learn to manipulate data with SQL and Python. Good luck!

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Thank you so much, Stefan, for the comment.

Although I would like to specify that I have heard Data science and python programming both require mathematical skills and solid knowledge of quantities prerequisite…i, Unfortunately, don’t find it as my cup of tea.
Would data analytics be okay for me as well(instead of data science ) or that also includes some mathematical expertise?

If you are from Banking Area then i will suggest you to go for Analytics Course where you will enhance your learning in Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Analytics. For more info you can check it on