Issues with XCode

Hello all! I have 2 questions that I am hoping I can get some insight on. I am enrolled in the Build IOS Apps With SwiftUI - currently on the SwiftUI Views section.

My first question is when I attempt to run the code, XCode directs me to the “Debug Navigator” screen where it highlights line 10 of the code originally in the Code_HistoryApp file and presents the error: “Thread 1: signal SIGTERM”.

The second problem I’ve run into is that somehow multiple instances of my preview have been created, and they are all presenting different screens. It appears that the code is split up between the screens too for some reason. I have not found any help online as to how to delete the unwanted previews other than directly through the code however in my case there has been no duplicated ContentView() portions and there’s nothing to delete.

Would greatly appreciate any help with either of these questions. Kindest regards.

In the past, I have found that your first issue can be caused by several different issues, but the main one is when you close the simulator before stopping it in XCode. Are you able to get the simulator running at all?

As for the second problem, your previews can be found at the bottom of your swift file. There will be lines for each preview. If you delete the lines, the associated preview will disappear. I hope that helps!