Issues with Swagger tutorial

I can’t get this tutorial to work correctly:

It seems to require an older version of Node due to project dependencies. Probably because the tutorial is 4 years old. I had some success with node 8 but still ran into issues with the Swagger editor. It seems like the node-package referenced in tutorial is not the most up-to-date. Has anyone had any success with this tutorial or recommendation of newer Swagger tutorial to cover similar ground?


I was running into the same issues that you were with this, but it seems the problems are deeper than just the steps being taken or the node version. There are many unanswered PRs for the project on GitHub with people trying to help maintain (bumping versions for security reasons, etc.). People using the Issues section to discuss if the project is deprecated and conversations about the need to fork it so the community can actually help.

A lot of red flags overall:

Ok. Glad it wasn’t just me. I will tag @lilybird to see if they can review this tutorial and perhaps replace it with a link to a working one.

Question: Did you also have problems with this other Swagger tutorial?

I ran into similar issues here as well and noticed tutorial project repo is 4 years old without recent updates which is likely causing issues. I am moving on and skipping it for now…

I used that tutorial as a resource but didn’t use their project repo. Instead, I applied the knowledge to a different project of mine and only reviewed their steps so I’d have a good idea of what to do while comparing it to other resources. For example, instead of using swagger-jsdoc@1.3.0 (the 5 year old version) that the tutorial calls for, I used the latest version and supplemented it with other things I found along the way.