Issues installing and using pipenv on mac


I am trying to figure out how to add pipenv in my terminal. I installed it using “pip install --user pipenv”, and on any use of the same codethereafter it returns a load of lines saying “Requirment already satsified: …” e.g:

[Requirement already satisfied: pipenv in /Users/username/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages (2023.2.4)]

Then when I try and use it by entering “pipenv”, I get the below response:

[-bash: pipenv: command not found]

Any thoughts on how I can resolve this?

My current bash profile containts the below PATH for reference:

[ PATH=“/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.11/bin:${PATH}”

export PATH]

I think you probably should have used pip3 to install it as it notes in the directions:
“First, let’s check that we have pip using the pip3 --version command. If you’re using Python 2, you’ll use the pip --version command instead.”

pip3 install --user pipenv

That said…
Can you access it this way? (Note, you’re using python3, so, you need to write it that way.)

python3 -m pipenv

Assuming that you want to have an environment where you use Python 3.11…
Did you create a dir with a project? What happens when you type:

pipenv --python 3.11

That said, there are some pretty good threads (it’s a topic w/a lot of queries) with solutions here on the forums. One of them:

You need to install the virtual env in the same location that you installed Python3.11 . (How did you install Python 3? Homebrew? Conda? )