Issues following install Pyhton and Miniconda and Jupyter

Anyone else have issues following the intructions for Install Python, Miniconda and Jupyter Notebook of Week 3 day 3 of the Programming with Python

Where to type the command pip3 install jupyter

I could not follow - and tried to run this line of code in cmd and pyhton but i find the explanation in the notes not very clear

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In order to use command like pip3, you need to make sure the CMD recognize Python using the command python -V. Make sure it is Python 3.6 as stated and then ensure you can run pip by thyping this command pip --version.

I installed latest Python version 3.7 ?? will try go back to 3.6

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Hi, yes, the instructions provided are not detailed enough for windows users. I installed Miniconda3 and found that my windows command line did not recognize the “conda list” command.

After some internet searching I discovered there are two easy ways around this: (1) After installing Miniconda 3, open Anaconda Prompt. From there you can use Anaconda prompt to execute the “conda list” command and the “conda install jupyter” command as well as any other conda commands. (2) to do this directly from the windows command line, when installing Miniconda3, you need to check the box that says “Add Anaconda to my PATH variable”.

Since I had already installed miniconda3 without checking the “Add to PATH” box since it says it isn’t recommended, I used the Anaconda prompt and installing Jupyter Notebooks was a seamless experience from there.