Issue with The Scoop: Browser Clicks not recognised in my JavaScript Script

I’m having a problem with the Project The Scoop (

I’ve written all the code in my server.js file and the test suite doesn’t report any issues, but when I open the index.html file in Google Chrome (v80) and start the server from bash, the “The Scoop” Start Page (Meaning the Header and no Articles) appears, but when I try to log in (as shown in the video) and i click the “LOGIN” Button, nothing happens.
This is also the same with the Solution Code, so I think there must be an error not in my Code, but in any settings or whatever.

Can anyone give me a hint to guide me in the right direction? I have absolutely no idea what to look for.

Dude, same here. I just don’t get the point of these articles. They are way above the level required for the rest of the courses in my opinion. If somebody has some guide on how to keep up or anything similar, please share!