Issue with Python / pyglatin?


Hi all! Very new to coding, so please be kind :slight_smile:

I have entered the code exactly how it looks in the "hints "section, but it seems to throw up a syntax error on the “and” (see screenshot:

Also, it’s asking if I accidentally deleted the variable, but as you can see, it’s right there… Is this a glitch, or am I doing something wrong?



I would look at the syntax error message in the output window. Its more helpful in this case

Why do you have the and keyword there?


Thanks! It’s part of the lesson they’ve asked me to add in? Further screenshot below:

See the left side - the syntax is to be added to check the word entered only contains letters. I was struggling with it, so hit the hint to see what is suggested, and I input the code exactly as they’ve asked (just changed the names etc).

Thanks again


i wasn’t paying attention.

Yes, but the general syntax for a if condition is:

if condition(s):

after the condition(s) you have a colon. Multiple conditions can be achieved with and or or, but there should be a single colon (:) at the end of the condition

i also see what confused, a condition should be on a single line. If you want to put the condition of if over multiple lines, parentheses are required


Ah fabulous, thank you! I missed that sneaky colon! This error’s been driving me mad for about an hour, and it looks like it’s fixed now!

Thanks :smiley:


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