Issue with Olivia Woodruff steps 7 & 8

Hi all,

I am having issues with the final 2 steps of the Olivia Woodruff Portfolio, Styling A Website, CSS project.

The steps are:

Instead of the page being in the default Times font, change the font of the entire page.

Select the body element and make the font-family of the page Georgia .

Finally, let’s make the background of the page more interesting.

Within the body selector, set the background-image property to this URL:

This is the code that I have written.

body {
font-family: Georgia;
 background-image: url('');

As far I can tell, nothing changes when I run this. I have checked with the ‘Get-Help’ video and my code is identical to hers. Interestingly it appears that nothing changes in her screen when she runs the code for steps 7 & 8.

Thank you.

Hello @tag4711444728, welcome to the forums! The image is just very, very subtle.

Look carefully. There is a slight pattern.


Wow. That is very subtle. Thank you.

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