Issue with new sidebar(social icons, logo)

Hi, everyone!

I’m an writer and currently working on a information security related website. I want to make a renew sidebar and add the logo of the site and social media icons. The problem is that since the sidebar is a widget, it means that the logo and social media icons will be visible on each page. I need it only on the page “company”(renewing it atm). Is it possible to make a different sidebar on each page? Thanks in advance! Also need to make sidebar static, but WP doesn’t save the changes. Example of the page - here

Thanks in advance. Bern

Hi, so what you want is a sidebar that will display the logo and social icons only on certain pages right ? Do you have to create a new one or you need to modify an actual sidebar ?

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Hi and thank you! Right. I want to create a new one

So you can simply create the new sidebar, and it should be static and present on every page, then on the pages that you don’t want your .logo and .social-icons to show set their display to hidden.

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