Issue with Math from Python


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After I click RUN it loads until it stops after a few minutes
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count_to = 220 + 123

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I am having a similar issue. I use the script below but once the run button is pressed nothing else happens. the area the "run " was just start to go around in circles as if it is computing or waiting on something.

count_to = 56789 + 98765
print count_to


I’m pretty sure there’s a glitch/bug on the site…

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I am running into the same issue as well. I submitted a bug report. I can’t proceed to the next exercise.

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Same for me, and it’s been doing this for at least 1-2 weeks. Have submitted 2 bug reports, but no word back yet.

Same thing here. I’ve submitted two bug reports. Nothing happened so far.

Same for me. I was only doing this exercise because the site randomly locked me out of where I was in the course (Unit 9) and reset me back to the beginning. I was trying to work my way back and I ran into this. Hope it gets fixed soon as I’m stuck on two counts now.

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