Issue with Learn the Command Line: Manipulations - 7. Wildcards


When resetting the Command Line from the Get Help button, and then clicking the "I want to reset this exercise" button I found that I am not at the same location within the tree (forgive me if I am using the wrong terminology) as I was when initially starting the exercise. In the exercise I am supposed to use cd ../ to get to the action/ directory. Instead, when I print the directory I am now in (pwd) I am in /home/ccuser/workspace

I have found that despite the fact that I am not in the correct directory, action/, I am still given a pass by the program for entering the cd ../ command. I ended up resolving the issue by entering "cd action/" after typing cd ../ Entering cd action/ right off the bat resulted in being in the correct directory, but does not fly with the instructions as the only way to progerss is by using cd ../

This confused me for a while when I was initially trying to figure out why I was not in the correct directory despite typing the correct input, and I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same or a similar issue.

TL;DR resetting the page from the Get Help menu results in being in the incorrect location in the directory.



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