Issue with Interactive Website: News Reader Leason 7 The O shortcut


Interactive Website: News Reader Lesson 7 The O shortcut

Oops, try again. It looks like the o key isn't opening a description. Remember to toggle the current article's description inside the event handler. Look back at the instructions for the code.

var main = function() {
  $('.article').click(function() { 
  $(document).keypress(function(event) {
      if(event.which === 111) {


Any suggestions would be appreciated I have been stuck at this point for awhile and I would really like to finsh the section. Thank you


Hi Megan,

Take a close look at line 3, and see if you can spot the problem there.


i am having same problem whats missing ???


@prem2000 Please create a new topic with your code, the error message you're getting, and a link to the exercise you're on so we can help you.


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