Issue with CSS on webpage

Hi, I’m having an issue with my webpage, I am trying just to recreate the BBC site. I am trying to get the seperation line after the “Sign in” button to be the same space apart as the News button, and I also want to center the text “news”. Here is a link to it on jsbin. Any help is appreciated :smile:,output


Try floating in CSS. Like this:
float: center;
Don’t know about the rest, just look over carefully and criticize your work. Coding is serious. The tiniest typo to the biggest mistake can make a HUGE difference.

@jrpsychgal There’s no such thing as float: center;, y’know

Huh? I was sure there was… And I still think there is. If it seems weird, okay. Just try it. For all you know, @zystvan never has used it and therefore doesn’t think it exists. Not saying it’s how it is, I’m not completely sure now that there even is a float center but it’s worth trying.

Have you taken the time to investigate this?

W3C: CSS3 Positioned Layout Module

Nothing will make us more sure of facts than direct investigation before we start spreading speculation, conjecture and falsehoods.

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Aligning an element to the center is usually done by text-align: center

There we go! That’s what I was thinking of. :sweat_smile:

I actually looked for that after I made that post. I just couldn’t find where I thought there was such a thing.
Aah, I’m making no sense! :confounded:
Anyway, I assure you I looked. :slight_smile: