Issue with Colmar academy porject

So I’m doing the code for this project. I started doing the whole course around New Years and I was doing OK until I received a bit of news a few weeks ago that caused me to put aside coding. When I returned I had to refresh my knowledge and hop back into it. But now I’ve gotten to the Colmar project and I am having what should be basic issues.

My first issue was making the nav bar at the top. For some reason I just cannot get the Colemar Academy words to be near the logo. I once succeeded, but with the same code I could not get the links to go to the right of everything. This is strange since nav bars were never that difficult for me in the past.

Then I decided to just build the skeleton of the site and workout the details after, but when I got the second section (where it says It doesn’t hurt to keep practicing). I am trying to put the images to the right of the main image of the man reading a book. But they keep appearing at the footer. I tried putting them as a seperate division or part of that overall division and I just can’t get it to go the right.

I’m glad that I’m at least learning. I feel that after I make this site I would have learned a lot, and I’ll be able to take other projects more easily.

Any help? I’ll provide my code upon request.