Issue with Android Studio

So I’m right here: Getting Started with Android Studio | Codecademy
My problem is that I just don’t have a couple of files mentioned in the video of the exercise.

I downloaded the newest version of Android Studio (Android Studio 4.1.2).
However, with settings pretty much the same shown in the videos of the previous chapters I still miss a couple of files which are necessary for the following chapters.

The missing files are:
HelloWorld > app > src > main > res “layout”. And therefore I don’t have “activity_main.xml” either.
Hello World > app > src > main > java The last file is “com.example.helloworld” with a weird a hole inside of it. But unlike in the Video of the chapter, I can’t unfold that file to access “MainActivity” which is perhaps a Class?

The guy in the video says Android Studio would produce those files etc. by itself but somehow I don’t have them.
So what am I supposed to do now?

I appreciate every piece of advice, thank you :slight_smile:


Hello @reyzr65696857616 , welcome to the forums! Try changing the top dropdown (top left, the one currently saying Project) to App, and then see if you can find the files.

Hey, thank you very much for your reply,
unfortunately, there is no option to choose app in the described dropdown.
All I got there is:
Project Files
Project Source Files
Project Non-Source Files
Open Files

Already checked all of them but no sign of the missing files.
Any Ideas?

Could it have anything to do with that little box?
When checked there appears a warning: “Using legacy libraries will prevent you from using the latest Play Service and Jetpack libraries”
So would you recommend me to check or uncheck it?

Sorry, I meant Android. Also, I think that checkbox should be unchecked.

Well, I found some Example… Classes (see picture) but they contain a different code than shown in the video of this lecture.

Box unchecked btw.
■■■■ this annoys me. I just want to learn coding and not being stuck here…

What type of activity did you choose when you first created it? It needs to be empty activity.

Oh thank you so much.
I somehow thought the guy in the video said to click on “No Activity”.
Anyway, it’s working now!!
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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