Issue with anaconda after instaling package

I installed anaconda a few weeks ago on a win 64 laptop. I wanted to install everything on my built in ssd(D:) which worked but the root env. by default was on C:\Users\Username.
Everything was working fine until i downloaded packages.

After that when i opend a Jupyter notebook it couldn’t find the new packages. So i deleted the package and tried to instal it to a new environment. But after creating the environment i could not exit it nor delete the environment. Needles to say after opening the jupyter notebook in the new environment i’ve got the same problem as at the root environment. SO i deinstalled everything the whole anaconda.

Before instaling again i wanted to know if the issue is that my homedirectory(i asume thats how you call where i installed anaconda) and rootenvironment are on different drivers?
Im happy for answears and guesses the issue is realy frustrating.