Issue in step 10 of Shopping at the Market topic in Python learning


This part of code is not working. I have added the same code mentioned in instructions but on click of Run it just swirls without showing whether its correct or wrong. I waited for 10 minutes but it was still swirling. Anybody faced this issue?



Sometimes I have luck by clearing my browser and resending.


I had this same issue. In another post, someone suggested a fix that worked for me.
First, refresh the page. Second, reset the exercise (in the bottom left corner of the editor). Last, type in the code again and it works fine.


Hi All,

This worked for me! Try it.

  1. Open Python training from resume in main page.
  2. It will direct to step 10 with same error message. But will also ask to reset files in same pop-up message. Click reset.
  3. You will see Workspace restored in right top corner.

Thats it and continue learning from step 10.



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