Issue Contributing to Codecademy Doc Repository - Codecademy repository does not have code issue that I can solve and push to the main branch

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Hi there,

I am struggling with the contribution to Codecademy exercise in my final project for the Learn Git & GitHub course. Please see below for exercise instructions and my current problem.

Exercise instruction:
The Codecademy team and community request entries by opening GitHub issues. To contribute an entry, browse through the open issues and select an available one that appeals to your knowledge and skill set. Make sure there’s no one assigned already! Leave a comment requesting to work on the issue, and someone from the Codecademy Content Team will assign it to you. We recommend you only work on one entry at a time, especially for your first contribution.

When I go to the Codecademy repository (Codecademy · GitHub) to select an issue that aligns with my skill set I encounter the following problems:
a) The issues that I have knowledge about have already been solved
b) There are no issues to solve that involve solving or improving actual code that align with my skills and knowledge. I need the issue to be code that I solve in order to push the code to the main repository in a later exercise.
c) It seems like the exercise requires me to use the Codecademy repository as a Codecademy team member must assign me to the issue so I cannot even use an issue from a different repository.
d) If I do not find an issue (where I solve a coding problem), I will not be able to finish the course

Looking forward to any help or assistance.


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