Isn't there a mistake in the Code Acadamy example in the Link 'em up page?

The Code Acadamy example shows how the** img src…** is wrapped in the a href
But if you scroll all the way to the right in the example, the image is closed with a “>” and not a “/>”.
You might be able to do it without the slash, but shouldn’t that example be fixed?

And off course, I can only upload one image (which is what I am trying to do) of a printscreen showing the error, but “Sorry, you can only upload one image…” ??

Can someone else upload that the image with the mistake, or do I need to put it up on my homepage and link?

you can close the image with >, closing it with /> is xml syntax. Can you copy paste your code to the forum? Please read this post on how to use markdown, so your code is visible

In Lesson: HTML Basics: Fundamentals of HTML: Adding Images, in UNIT 1, it says: “This tag is a bit different from the others. Instead of putting the content between the tags, you tell the tag where to get the picture using src. It’s also different because there is no ending tag. It has / in the tag to close it.”

I am aware that you don’t need the slash in HTML and that you use it in XHTML and XML. I haven’t really used XML much, so I’ll take your word for it. But all through the exercises, after the page Adding Images, the slash has been used. Maybe for backward compatibility for XHTML? Anyway, my point being, when the examples have used it, and in the mentioned example do not use it, please give some kind of explanation as to why in the text. Or, if it is optional in HTML5, say so, in the text.

We are working on it, but a site the size of codecademy is a lot of work. And this is not top priority. I understand your point, don’t get me wrong, and it should be fixed, and it will be, but at the moment other things have priority.