"Is Your Medical Insurance Costing You More Than It Should? Feedback on My Analysis is Welcome!"

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I enjoyed working on this project U.S.-Medical-Insurance-Costs-Analysis-/us-medical-insurance-costs.ipynb at main · AnasAEA/U.S.-Medical-Insurance-Costs-Analysis- · GitHub , it was a great opportunity to put my data analysis skills to the test. The data set was interesting and had a lot of potential for analysis. The most difficult part was probably figuring out how to properly clean and preprocess the data, but I was able to overcome this challenge by researching and learning from online resources. Overall, the project took me around 2-3 hours to complete, including researching, coding, and documenting my analysis. I learned a lot from this project and am excited to continue building my data analysis skills.

Congratulations on finishing the project! I haven’t yet learned how to use pandas, numpy, matplotlib or seaborn, but they look vital in being able to visually communicate your findings. Do you have a summary of your findings? What did you find interesting or expected?