Is Web Development worth it?

I have a passion for web development but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do anything with it if I do not have a degree or certification. Is learning Web Development in my room worth it if I’m not in school?


Hey, really appreciate that you brought this question to the Forums. :slight_smile:

AWESOME. My understanding is that this will take your further than any course can. Curiosity for how things work is valuable. We do believe that feeding and maintaining your passion for web development is something worth doing just for the sake of it—but of course, learning more about web development can help you reach other goals, too.

I think the answer to your question is really heavily dependent on what you hope to achieve. There are lots of outcomes: here are some.

Could you tell us more about what your specific goals are? Maybe someone has more insight to share and help.


Hey courserunner! I’m a curriculum developer here at Codecademy.

I agree with Alyssa’s answer, but I also wanted to add that TONS of software engineers didn’t study computer science in school. Many software engineers (at Codecademy and in the rest of the industry) learned on our platform, are self-taught, and learned a lot on the job. Because the tech industry has grown so quickly, demand for technical roles far outstrips the total number of computer science graduates.

Programming is not a field where you need a particular degree or certification. If you can learn the skills that you need, then build projects that demonstrate mastery of those skills, you should be able to find new opportunities regardless of your educational background.


this definitely helped so much! Gave me a boost of motivation and confidence in continuing my learning here on codecademy and other resources!

Thank you,
Addy. :smile:


That’s really cool, thanks for the motivation :slight_smile:

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