Is this Wrong?


This isn't about my code as I passed this section with ease. Instead, it's about CodeAcademy's coding.
In Lesson 6 "CSS Positioning": (This is the final result) it teaches you how to code a navigation bar and place it properly. When I finished the lesson the navigation bar was still stuck at the top, barely visible, and unable to be read. Is this supposed to be a drop-down type bar that they just didn't teach the drop-down animation for or something? I really don't want to add the code because it's a lot, but I can if I have to. Here's a pic of what I'm talking about:

They're just stuck up there. Even when I hover, nothing happens.


it is not a dropdown menu, i never understood the margin-top: -10px; in #navbar, i would personally do 10px, or maybe 20px, then it is positioned much better


Thanks, that worked! I'm thinking it might be a typo. Oh well.