Is this too advanced for me?

Hi all.
So, I have a background in programming in college (C++, VBA) and I am currently trying to shift my career towards web dev, as it’s an area I really like.
So I started by studying html, css, javascript, ruby etc, and so far it’s been really enjoyable.

Now, I’ve started with Ruby on Rails, and can’t help but feel I am only following instructions blindly instead of learning.
For example, I understand the basic structure of how Rails works, where some files are located and the MVC model, but I don’t think I would be able to do a website on my own yet (even a very simple example like the “message” examples in code academy) because it started to get too confusing when the “standard controller actions” got introduced.
Again, I feel like I’m just blindly following CodeAcademy’s instructions to finish the exercises while not understanding the underlying concepts and why I’m doing things.

My feeling is that this CodeAcademy course is aimed at people who already understand a bit of Rails and just want to follow along a simple example…

Is it just paranoia on my part? Should I just stick with it, or should I look for other resources to learn from before coming back here?

First off, let me say that if you have a background in C++ and VBA this is definitely not too advanced for you. Just to get that idea out of the way.

You may wish to cover the Ruby track first, though. That would be where to start if you want to learn Rails.

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Right here you can also engage in the HTML/CSS track. This is fundamental to creating a document. You learn the basics of the DOM and how documents are structured. Rails works entirely in the document environment. HTML/CSS.

At some point you will want to round this out with JavaScript fundamentals and further. If Ruby is server-side, we still need a client-side component, and that will inevitably be JS. As much as you will draw rapid parallels between Ruby and C++, so too will VBA come into view when learning JavaScript.

Thanks for the reply! I actually did the html/css track and it was really good. I guess I got confused with this one because it is such a change with the MVC model, and I’m still having trouble imagining how I`ll take this knowledge on the code academy exercises and apply to a real life scenario.
But maybe I’m being too impacient :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really. This is as you suspect, demo. But… Stop here and invest in some study time. Build a test environment so you can write a full suite on your local machine. Everything takes time to master, and eager at the bit as you appear, this is where your energy is best spent (future app releases notwithstanding).

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