Is this still Introduction to HTML?

Wait a minute. Is this still Introduction to HTML? When did we discuss CSS in this lesson, as referenced in the side text? This is the first time I have heard about it in this lesson… did I miss something?


Yeah I noticed this too, all of the sudden it talks about changing CSS elements like “we did before” but never before teach us how to di that, it was briefly mentioned before but then it skip that part until the last lesson so is very confusing


I think what happened, at least for me, is that I was to have done the fashion blog project… but somehow it skipped over that and went to the next lesson… pretty sure there will be some CSS in the fashion blog project. Go back and look at the overview of your course and you should see that it is not checked off but that you have somehow completed the tables section…


So ran into the same situation but did a bit of digging around. you need to use a (style) element on any line within the (body ) & (/body) element to initiate a CSS style edit.
th, td {
font-size: 18px;

(put a < and > around the opening and closing elements, would not show when I typed it in for some weird reason.)


good discussion! appreciated all!

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I am again running into CSS confusion and “assumptions” that began at this point in the Intro to HTML course, which I have just finished. The assumption seems to be that an absolute beginner knows something about CSS and hence the lack of clarity around it in this lesson… Now I am doing the CSS course and the same thing happened with style.css suddenly appearing on the top of the code interface next to index.html with no reason as to why… A few clicks later I figured it out…it is the css file! DUH. Is the intention here to make me guess these things about CSS or is it to offer information in advance of/or at the same time so that I can then apply it ? Confused.


Actually, everything written in css earlier, will be explained later. The only thing we should keep up with is what the courses are teaching us at the moment. I mean, I used to be confused every time I found something new in the css file, but that is not the point. I looked up on the internet (other sites) every new thing (for example a new tag or a new attribute) that i saw in these courses that were not explained, but as I kept learning more, and kept doing these courses, I found that those things I didn’t understand before, now they’ve been explained… So, didn’t I freak for nothing? I think yes. (sorry about my english if it’s bad :D)


I think it was such a basic thing that they assumed, like a simple puzzle, you’d be able to figure it out, or at least that’s how I took it anyways.