Is this right?


movies = {
'The Maze Runner' => 10

puts "Please select 'add', 'update', 'display', or 'delete'"
answer = gets.chomp

case movies
when "add"
puts "What movie do you want to add?"
title.to_sym = gets.chomp
puts "What rating do you want to have?"
rating.to_i = gets.chomp
title.to_sym = rating.to_i
puts "The movie, #{title}, has a rating of #{rating}."
'movies[title.to_sym] = rating.to_i '.
movies[title] = rating.to_i
when "update"
puts "Updated!"
when "display"
puts "Movies!"
when "delete"
puts "Deleted!"
puts "Error!"


otay it is good i tink