Is this place all right for me, or only for young people


I am an old person, i am retired, i just want to keep my mind active, that is why i am trying to learn, html to open a web page, is this place all right for me, or only for young people.

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It’s good for all ages, with the proviso we need to be motivated and determined self-learners. If you start with HTML and keep the W3C documentation close at hand as you learn new tags and attributes the take away will be confidence and readiness to go to the next level, CSS.

Neither of these are programming languages. They are purely declarative with the author in complete control. It takes time and practice to learn, so take the time and don’t set the bar too high for yourself. Keep it simple.


Computing and Programming are undoubtedly excellent tools to keep the mind sharp.
If anything I’d say you don’t have the pressure of success to worry about. You are in a position to truly be a hobbyist.


I’m old compared to most here (55). I’m learning so I can keep working well into my 80s if I need to, ideally remotely from anywhere. I work a boring desk job 8-5, and come home at night & code an hour or two, and more on the weekends. I’ve been at it almost 2 months, and I feel my brain re-engaging every day. :blush:


I am also an older student here. I too would love to work remotely. I have 4 web sites that I want to remake due to Adobe cancelling Muse(they were built in Adobe Muse) I am kind of annoyed with Adobe so I decided to bite the bullet and relearn how to build a website from scratch. It would be awesome for this to lead to some paid work. My website building right now is all volunteer work. I know any type of experience is good though.

Good Luck Everyone!


Odd I thought I was the only one. Go Girl.

At 55 I’m just getting into my stride and adding the data science to my PHP web site development learning. I want to open up a business before I retire from full time work as IT manager which really has very little hands on technical work - to a job where I get to play again and build stuff without supervising or correcting employee behaviors, etc.

Just me and the state of the art technology !! A clean slate of opportunity !! I know more now about current trends than the folks who work for me and seem to be slogging along just making a buck.

Maybe waxing a little too enthusiastic, but new tech is real and I believe anyone can learn and do.

Good luck with your endeavors.