Is this not for me?

I’ve watned to be a programmer for quite a long time, but I’ve always been to lazy to start learning it by myself. I’m about to enter high school so I’ve researched tons of different jobs that I could do in the future (I’m planning to go to college) but programming was the one that suited me the most and that I was really interested in. So quite recently I’ve finally started to learn on here and my first course was Python. Since around 50% of the course (where the reverse challenges started) (I’m at 65-70%) I began to struggle very hard. By now I’m probably getting like 10% of the things right and I just feel like this could just not be something for me. My depression is hitting harder and my hope is vanishing. Since I want to be a programmer, I’m most likely gonna be in class with advanced maths and physics and with all the fails on here, I’m starting to questionate my ability to logically think at all, and I think that I will just get kicked out of the school within first year there (I’m not sure about school systems in other countries, but just know that I’m 16.)

Is there any hope for me to do what I want in the future?
I’m extremely sorry for my english (perhaps that’s the reason I couldn’t learn properly, but I understand big majority of the things and I always have translators to help me so it’s probably just me and my stupidity) and overall cohesion of the text. I’m extremely mad, tired and sad at the very moment but I hope that you understand my problem.

Life is just been a massacre for me lately so just tell me if it’s not for me and I’ll end it all. I can’t stand the constant taste of failure in life.

This is a question to take up with the guidance/career counsellor at your school. Nobody here knows you well enough to give anything but generic advice… Hang in there, sort of thing.

If you are experiencing a lot of failure then it may trace back to giving up too easily or expecting everything to be easy. It’s not. Whether it is math, science, programming, writing, history, art, sports, civics, and so on. They are all hard subjects that demand our committment. Never give up.