Is this just a bug?

Hi, I’m a brand spanking noob. I’ve read through this entire thread and I still have a very basic question…
Where…do you put…the code in the CSS tab, into the HTML tab?? I see the 2 different files/tabs, but the new one is not at all helpful as “Instructions.” Can anyone just please spell it out? The Show Solution and even Use Solution bits still don’t seem to show anything different than what I had at the start of this section of the module. I would really rather understand what to do, than to just continue without an answer. I’m frustrated. Is this just a bug? NOTHING IS DIFFERENT IN THE SOLUTION!!!

Hey @giga8493360900 welcome to the forums.

I believe you put it in the file that ends with .css.

Hi how_to_program
Thank you but I need a bit more information than that.
Appreciate you trying.
I’ll just keep going without understanding until I also study CSS. I’ll just say that this is a poorly formulated lesson at this point. It was great before that.

In the lesson you go to the file that ends with .css then you make a ruleset (see image below) and put the styles (In the image they are called declarations) in there.