Is this for me?

Hello Codecademy

I have always been interested in computer programing and I have never given it a shot. currently a nurse with a BS, but working as an uber driver because nursing is not my ball game it turned out. too much stress. Pluss I love to surf the web and enjoy computer time. I get engaged in tasks, out of box thinker, but not blessed with a super fast processor, detail oriented and hard working most of the time.
What do you guys think… What makes a good programmer?


I cannot give you answer as I don’t know you and normally the answer comes from the person themselves.

sign up on codecademy: take this quiz: Help you find a course

See what the outcome is, try the course they suggest, there’s FREE courses so you don’t need to spend money, give it a try and see; does it make you happy ? are you enjoying it ?

Hope this helps :slight_smile: