Is this "FOR/ELSE" exercise correct?

I want to make sure that what I am doing here is correct or if I should change something.

I am currently on the Loops chapter and it’s a bit confusing. For this exercise, I have to create a FOR loop that gives me a string. Just want to make sure if this is correct or no. For code academy was good but I would like to know somebody else’s opinion.


Well, you don’t really need enumerate() if all you need is a string.

Unless you have a need for the index, this will give you what you want:

sports = ["Basketball", "Baseball", "Football", "Swimming", "Rugby"]
print "What of the following sports doesn't use a ball: " 
for item in sports:
  print item

(Nothing to do with for, but isn’t “Swimming” the correct answer? :slight_smile:)

Indeed it is hahaha, thank you Patrick!

So the way I did it was wrong?

Ah! Now I see that you are trying to print a numbered list! If that was your purpose, you certainly accomplished it.
You could even make it look nicer with print str(index + 1) + ". " + item