Is this course just for Mac users?


problems with the chapter "Compiling sass".

is this course just for Mac users?

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No it isn't @shiningcrow, all Codecademy courses are cross-platform (all they require is a web browser) but why would you think that?


If you want to use SASS away from Codecademy it's generally used only on Unix based systems such as Linux and Mac because it needs to be compiled which you can't do in windows unless you set up a vagrant box which is rather complicated.

But this course will work for all OS's as bartholomew has said


Oh I get it now. it's not 'terminal' as a program but 'terminal' in the browser. Silly me.


yep, the course has a built in terminal. Maybe you can use sass for windows, but you would need to install it. In the course you can just use it in the browser


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