Is this correct?

Reading again the theory of the Review lesson, it is mentioned
elif statements can be used to build additional checks into your if statements.

In the solution at the second part of the test, I suppose no additional check takes place since the inputs gpa , ps_score are written again. So, I would it consider it as an extra, complete statement, seperate from the previous, which means that “if” has to be used and not “elif” .
If this is the case, why elif is given as the “official” solution code?
In both cases however, the results that are produced are correct when I checked them using “print” and the values 4.0,91,2 to the corresponding inputs.

Morover, If we wanted to make just additional check (i.e. use “elif”) wouldn’t it be correct to refer only to the ec_count input by writing to the second conditional statement just
elif ec_count<3? (considering that gpa>=3.0 and ps_score>=90 are still valid from the previous statement?)
I checked it and gives the expected result , but is it right?