Is this a bug? I absolutely can't see a problem with this code and it wont give me the option to get code


Replace this line with your code.


make sure your browser zoom is set to 100%, otherwise try a different browser

The browser zoom affects the border width


Facing Same problem browser zoom is set to 100%


yet you might have a different problem, you made have a forgotten a } somewhere. Go here, make a new topic, fill in the template so we can help you


if you look at the image i posted it has all the code and I am not missing any {}s as you can see the border they are asking for is in the preview. also i made sure many times that i am not zoomed in.


Did you also try a different browser? the missing {} as not addressed to you


ok so the exact same code worked in microsoft edge. It is definitely a bug.


The browser is one of the most complicated pieces of software installed on your computer. So yes, in a web browser learning environment, bugs can happen.

But most important: it is working now :slight_smile: