Is this a bug? Analyze Data with R: No error messages in R projects

I’m working on Analyze Data with R. In the lessons (all of them, I believe), if I put in code with an error, an error message pops up just fine.

In the projects (all of them, but I linked to the last one), if I make an error, there is no error message. Instead, the html version of the notebook just fails to make the change. There’s no error message, and the code blocks on the html version don’t change (they don’t display the incorrect code, they don’t display any changes at all).

If I put in several lines of code and the last line has an error, none of it executes or shows up in the html notebook code blocks even if the lines are not related or dependent on each other.

If you want to reproduce, try this:

summary(psid$labor_income) (run to display a summary of the labor_income column–great)

now add:
summary(psid$age) (this is correct, should produce a similar summary)
summary(education_years) (this line is incorrect, it doesn’t have the data frame title)

When I run the second set of code, nothing happens in the html at all. It doesn’t show the new lines of code, it doesn’t print the summary of psid$age, and it doesn’t give me an error message.

Please let me know if you need more information–I tried to follow the formatting guidelines! If it’s helpful, I’m on a fully-updated windows machine running chrome.