Is there still no way to remove a course?

There have been 5 posts on this forum regarding removal of courses, but there’s no solution on any one of them. Is there still no way to remove a course from the dashboard?

so 5 posts, so then we are talking about what? somewhere between 1% and 5% of the codecademy users? Assuming not everyone will make a topic. That is a very small percentage.

The changes required might be massive, refactoring existing logic. New logic needed.

Have you ever worked on a project running in production? Its sometimes really difficult to explain why certain changes are simple while other changes are very difficult and time consuming.


My guess is that there is a lot that would go into that particular functionality and that there are other, more pressing code updates, changes, etc that are ahead of something like that. I’m sure it’s on the radar…but it might take time to come to fruition.


Good point, it might be a desired feature, but other things might take priority. Only time will tell :slight_smile:

So many things to consider.

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