Is there some kind of rule about using Free templates for practicing

Sry for the weird question.i just had a weird expirience with 2 web programmers or designers(not sure)
I was telling them about how i wanted to learn JS and that i am re learning HTML and CSS.
they told me to show them some of the work i have done so far.
i basicly learned from going to “OS free templates” I would go with the easy ones first (i would write my code …and then
i would see if it worked ,and if it didnt i would open the page source and check where i did wrong)
I wouldnt open the page source unless i was really really stuck at some point for hours…
Now i didnt only do the style of the page to make it look 100% like the original .I also used
the text to make it as realistic as possible.
The title would go “Free HTML templates or something in that line”. And at that point they kept spamming
that title like I committed a crime or something. I told them that i tried to make it 100% realistic as the original template.
they told me …well…you know. anyways i wanted to Link them the code to show them that i really did do it all from
scratch but at that point the situation escalated quickly and it seemed useless to even try to reason with them.

I would brush this off as some trolls trying to provoke me ,but it got me thinking maybe this is some kind of a taboo
thing to do in the web design community(learn by trying to copy templates) , so my question is .Did i do something wrong and if i cant learn from copying basic templates am i suposed to learn code in a different way(i already did the Codeacademy tests on HTML and CSS)im also not in a uni or in highschool im learning this on the internet and im trying to find anything that can help me learn more

Learning from examples is a perfectly acceptible way to learn. It may not be for everyone, but if you have some grasp of what you are looking at, and are willing to do follow up reading on even the smallest details, then it’s as a good a way to learn as any.

Plagiarism is a rampant concern on the web. Perhaps they are trying to steer you clear of that hazard. Don’t publish to the web if you are only trying to reproduce a page. Do it on your own machine.

From scratch literally means just that. From a blank slate. All on your own. Your project, your plan, your execution and debugging. All on your own. Study and learn from examples, but then try to reproduce them from the reasoning you have built up by that study. Do it over and over again until you can do it in your sleep.

Write pages that have one column, two columns, three columns, four columns. Study media queries and how to make a page responsive and then make your pages responsive. Use only what you have at hand, no templates, no plugins, no libraries or extensions. HTML and CSS. Do as much as you can, and then repeat.

Mostly, don’t listen to others who would rather belittle your efforts and stymie your learning. Move on to a different crowd or work on your own with only the Search Engines and docs as your allies. You will eventually work up to that feeling of confidence that those guys seem to exude. Never judge yourself by what others are doing or saying. You be the judge.

Happy coding!


Thank you this helped clear a lot of problems for me .

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