Is there some kind of index, of thing covered in the python 3 course

I sometimes find it difficulty to look up a topic in a previous chapter that
subsequently appears later in the course. For example in Lesson 8/4 in the section on "classs
in the course on Python 3 there is a statement:

print(“New circle with diameter: {diameter}”.format (diameter=diameter))

I vaguely remember coming upon this way of specifying the text to be outputted
by a print statement which uses “{}” as place filler, with the actual text to be inserted
specified in “.format(diameter=diameter”). However going back through the Python 3
course Syllabus, I could not find it. Is there something like an index for the
Python 3 course, that would let me search for some thing like “print statement” or
“format method”. Any suggestions on how to determine which lesson in the course
the information is in, will be will be greatly appreciated

I hear what you’re saying about organization & locating things in the syllabus.

You could look at the documentation:

Or, here:

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