Is there really a need to use instance variables?

Are there cases where instance variables are required or preferred?
In this module:
The code they are wanting us to make looks like this:

class Store:
alternative_rocks = Store()
isabelles_ices = Store()
alternative_rocks.store_name = "Alternative Rocks"
isabelles_ices.store_name = "Isabelle's Ices"

But, isn’t it more efficient to just do this:

class Store:
  def __init__(self, store_name):
    self.store_name = store_name
alternative_rocks = Store("Alternative Rocks")
isabelles_ices = Store("Isabelle's Ices")

Please help!

If each and every instance must have a store_name variable which is known ahead of time then you’re right that it would probably be better that way. Based on where this lesson sits in the course I think they’re just pointing out that you can bind variables to individual instances without affecting any other instances; it looks more like an example than a suggested method.


May be worth noting that both of your examples are of instance variables. The only difference is when/how they are defined, and as @tgrtim pointed out whether they are required of all instances.


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