Is there anyway to find out the tests in the challenges section

for some of the python challenges I’m pretty sure my code is right but it’s coming up as 3/5 tests and 0/5 respectively.
is there any way to find out what the tests are so I can see if there’s anything wrong with the code.


We unfortunately don’t have access to the test cases as far as I know but there would be a couple suggestions I have if you’re not hitting them all:

  1. Make sure you’re giving your output in the format required by the question, as if it’s not it would fail the test cases.
  2. If you’re getting all but a couple of the tests, it might be that there’s some kind of edge case that you haven’t accounted for in your code. Specifically what these would be I don’t know since I can’t see the test cases, but perhaps go through and give it a few varied tests yourself to make sure it still gives the required output for a range of inputs (potentially things like negative numbers etc depending on the question).

If you’re still running issues you could of course make a topic in the Python category and share your code there, if you wanted to.

Happy coding! :smile:

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