Is there anyway to "complete" modules without doing them?

O.K. bear with me, I get that the title may be confusing.

As of right now, I’m looking to complete the Data Science career path, I’ve been programming in Python for nearly a decade; just thought it’d be a neat little certification to have.
I was made aware of the fact that: all modules in the career path must be completed (in order to get the cert.), and frankly, it’s quite a pain having to complete all these beginner-level Python assignments.

Basically, my question is, can I complete a quiz to skip ahead in Courses & Career Paths?

Just like on the language learning site “Duolingo”, can I be quizzed on my current skills to prevent me from wasting my time doing stuff I already understand?

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As of right now, there are no placement tests you can take to skip ahead in course content. One solution, albeit a tedious one, is to click “Get Help” in the bottom right corner of each exercise, then click to get the solution. This will allow you to pass through without completing the exercise.

This has also been a suggestion brought up many times in the Community:Suggestions; Features and Course Requests Category; I encourage you to vote for one of those topics or contribute there.


Nice, thanks! I’ll be sure to give those suggestions a vote!

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