Is there anything special about the Codecademy editor?



Is there anything special about the Codecademy editor?


Yes! When you write code, you need to use a text editor like the one here on Codecademy, rather than a word processor like Microsoft Word. When you go off on your own and write code on your computer, there are lots of free options available, like Atom or Sublime Text. The key difference between text editors like these and word processors like Word is the formatting. Word processors like Word save a lot more than just the text you type; they save font style, font weight, font size, formatting - all kinds of settings. This causes issues when trying to compile and execute a piece of code, which is why we use plain text editors that don’t write anything but the text.

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which text editor is this one used in Codecademy?


Codecademy uses it’s own text editor. It cannot be used outside their website and has certain limits to it’s functionality when it comes to more advanced code. If you’re looking to code outside of the Codecademy site, look into one of the many free(or paid) text editors available on the internet.